Brooklyn Bridge Park Engagement Session | Rebecca and Olivier

These two decided to have their engagement session at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and I was so glad they did. It was the perfect backdrop for these two explorers.

These two are so loving, and I can’t do their story justice, so here it is in their own words:

“Like many New York professionals, we surrendered ourselves to the vagaries of online dating algorithms in our respective quests to find “the one.” Fortunately, this actually happened for us! Olivier’s opening line referred to Becca’s self-proclaimed title of “explorer” and sparked a conversation about our shared love of travel and new experiences. The desire to see all this world has to offer remains a central tenet of our relationship.

The most memorable of our early dates — according to Becca — was Olivier’s “Tour of Williamsburg,” featuring a bottle of rosé wine while watching the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline, some delicious sushi at Olivier’s favorite (now defunct) izakaya, and a visit to Pete’s Candy Store, a local music hot spot. We will be getting married just a few short blocks away from many of the stops on Olivier’s tour!

Olivier’s favorite early date was the first time he cooked for Becca. He roasted Scottish salmon (but of course!). Becca — having been informed that it had been Olivier’s thirtieth birthday earlier in the week — treated him to cheesecake from Junior’s and a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” which allowed him to discover her lovely singing voice.

During a morning run, Becca realized that her feelings for Olivier had reached a critical point (I love him!). Known for her reticence, she immediately ran back home and up the stairs to wake Olivier and tell him the good news! Fortunately, Olivier was surprisingly cheerful upon being woken from a deep slumber and responded in kind.”