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Hey there!

I know you’re got a lot on your plate, so I want to be respectful of your time. I only book 15 weddings a year, so please fill out the form below to see if I still have your date available! I’m based in NYC, TX, and travel worldwide.

If you’re press or you need to ask a direct question you can contact me directly at bethany@bethanymichaela.com.

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    What People Are Saying

    Johnna Yates

    Testimonial Image for Johnna Yates

    Bethany is a joy to work with. She was always looking out for ways to capture the range of relationships and emotions throughout the day.

    Camille Feliz

    Testimonial Image for Camille Feliz

    Bethany is highly skilled at following her intuition on when to engage with guests, and when to step back and allow everything to just be, she demonstrated this balance all weekend beautifully.

    Emily Okey

    Testimonial Image for Emily Okey

    She made us feel natural in front of the camera and captured moments we had missed. We will cherish these photographs forever.

    Lisa Boral

    Testimonial Image for Lisa Boral

    Bethany is kind and calming, smoothly handling every moment, even calming the stressful ones.

    Tracy Tran

    Testimonial Image for Tracy Tran

    Bethany was laser-focused on telling our story through our photographs and worked with our budget. She captured candids perfectly so we could enjoy the moments we missed during our busy day. Her work is natural & organic.

    Faiz Osman

    Testimonial Image for Faiz Osman

    Something to consider for couples with different skin tones, she knows how to make you both look great! It's not about an "arty" shot; it's about the reason you're gathered together.

    Emily Reid

    Testimonial Image for Emily Reid

    Bethany inconspicuously captured the happiest and most spontaneous moments during the evening. She's wonderful - professional, personable & kind.

    Ashley Heyburn

    Testimonial Image for Ashley Heyburn

    One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was having Bethany photograph it. She listened to our vision, of capturing the feeling of the day, and nailed the execution.

    John Williams

    Testimonial Image for John Williams

    She's professional, communicative, open, warm, and she made us feel so comfortable.

    Clara Cotton

    Testimonial Image for Clara Cotton

    She was there with me, advocating for me, and helping me feel calm! The photos that resulted are beyond beautiful. I will treasure them forever!

    Lauren Sperber

    Testimonial Image for Lauren Sperber

    Organized and dedicated, Bethany made sure we got everything we wanted.