Crafting a seamless and customized experience for couples and capturing each unique love story with effortless elegance. 

Calling all DFW Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

It takes time and energy to market your business consistently. When you’re spending all of your time in the day-to-day of your work, it’s easy to put marketing on the back burner. It’s no surprise we see so many businesses use the same 13 photos for their marketing and branding for years!

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WELCOME TO creative quarterly

Ready to Start Attracting Your Dream Customers?

Imagine a life where you no longer need to worry about capturing content for your brand, where you can focus all your energy on what truly matters: growing your business. Our Creative Quarterly membership is designed to make this dream a reality. With professional guidance and a seamless planning process, you'll have a constant stream of high-quality, professional images that not only showcase your products or services but also convey your brand's story and uniqueness.

Struggling to Stand Out Against Your Competitors?

Ready to feel confident in the photos that represent your business? 

your lack of photography experience is hurting your business

You've got your own business to worry about no reason to add professional photographers to your resume. 

Your relaying heavily on stock images

You don't want to deal so you just download the same 20 stock images that everyone uses to make your business look more aesthetic when in reality it's just making your brand look boring.

Your branding is inconsistent

If you showcasing your business with photos that are over a year old, it does not represent who you are as a business owner.

Your prices are high end, but your photos don't scream high end 

If you've got quality products that you charge a pretty penny for then how you represent those products matters, Professional photography can be the one thing holding you back from selling those top of the line products.

that one might currently be facing in their BUSINESS


1. perhaps list some frustrations

You want these to be very telling of where this person might be at emotionally and where you once were.

2. Another specific pain point here

and you want it to be very telling of where this person might be at emotionally and where you once were.

3. Maybe they're feeling this way

frustrated by this particular situation and overwhelmed? 

4. engagement session

This comes with a delivery of our style guide and wedding magazine to help you plan and prep for things as best you possibly can!

Brands We've Worked With

 One of the first people who really saw the heart of our brand in our space and are now the reason we're communicating our vision so much more clearly.

—  Good Coworking

Gone are the days of DIYing your own photoshoot for your business..

As an entrepreneur, your plate is already overflowing with countless responsibilities, and your valuable time should be directed towards tasks that only you can handle to effectively run and support your business. It's my job to step in and capture high-quality images that you can feel genuinely proud of when representing your business to the world. 


After years of working 24/7 I became burnt out and overwhelmed with tasks that needed to happen in my business. I finally took a step back from my business and evaluated where tasks do not bring me joy and which tasks took me hours to complete. Once I figured out those tasks that were actually COSTING me money I outsourced them to save myself time and money.


This membership is more than just a smart financial choice; it's a real game-changer for those who understand that investing in their business today is the key to unlocking bigger returns tomorrow. Say farewell to dull visuals and say hello to a brighter, more engaging content future that beautifully represents your business.



What You'll Receive

2 hour photoshoot every quarter

Meticulously crafted to meet your specific branding needs. We also recognize that sometimes you might have a grander vision or have a big launch coming. That's why we give you the option to combine two quarters into one, unlocking the opportunity for an extended 4-hour photoshoot.

Up to four outfit changes

Allowing us to capture a diverse range of photos that appear as if they were taken during various photoshoots. This means you get the benefits of multiple sessions, all condensed into a convenient and time-saving two-hour window. Your brand photos will be more engaging than ever, without the need for endless hours of shooting.

85+ High resolution images delivered per photoshoot

Whether it's for your website, social media, advertising campaigns, or any other promotional endeavor, our goal is to provide you with an extensive collection of images that truly bring your brand to life. In today's fast-paced social world, having a backlog full of captivating visuals is essential, and we're here to make sure you're always well-equipped for success.

Your choice of location, including exclusive Mid Century Modern home studio

You're not limited to just one location; you will have the freedom to select from a range of diverse settings that align with your brand's unique story and aesthetic. Additionally, we're thrilled to offer our exclusive mid-century modern home studio, a space that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the area with natural light and providing a stunning backdrop for your brand session.

Dedicated ongoing consultations in Slack

This channel serves as a collaborative hub for brainstorming creative ideas, and meticulously planning each photoshoot to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand's growth and objectives. With ongoing support and communication, I'm not just your photographer; I'm your dedicated partner in capturing the essence of your brand every step of the way.

Exclusive access to popular shoot dates and 20% additional services

You'll enjoy priority access to popular photography dates, including coveted weekends, ensuring that your brand's visual storytelling aligns perfectly with your schedule. But that's not all – I'm also delighted to extend an additional 20% discount on our services, including any additional photography sessions you may require throughout the year.

how it works


The journey begins when you apply for a Creative Quarterly membership. Once you're in, you're set for a whole year's worth of stunning content, complete with up to four photoshoots annually. We make it easy for you to secure consistent, high-quality imagery for your business, ensuring your brand always looks its best.


After becoming a part of the Creative Quarterly family, it's time to get down to business. You can schedule your first photoshoot, and that's when the magic happens. We'll embark on the planning process together, collaborating closely to capture the essence of your brand. From choosing locations to styling and everything in between, I'm here to make your vision come to life.


Once the photoshoot is wrapped up and your images are edited, it's time to let the world see your products shine. Share your professional imagery across various platforms, from social media to email campaigns and your website. My goal is to empower you to proudly showcase your business, and I'm with you every step of the way.

Leandra got her groove back:

“I think we laughed pretty much the entire time! She made me feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera and she truly captured my personality.”


Stephanie used to be shy in front of the camera

“The whole session felt like grabbing coffee and catching up with a friend.”


Select the membership that works for your business:


1 individual

$975/per quarter

$3,900/per year

$1,000 in savings!***


Small Business

2-9 individuals

$1,300/per quarter

$5,200/per year

$2,000 in savings!***



10+ individuals

inquire for a custom quote

As an entrepreneur, you've built a remarkable business, and the time has come to truly showcase it with Creative Quarterly.

Once you're part of the Creative Quarterly membership, photography becomes one less thing to worry about in your business. The burden of managing photography is lifted from your shoulders, leaving you with one enjoyable dilemma: choosing which picture you want to use first. With Creative Quarterly, I handle the logistics, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters – making your business shine.

Our Shots and Props Freebie for Your Next Brand Photoshoot!

Get this awesome Bonus!

Grab your Shots & Props list to prepare for your next brand photoshoot!

With all the essential steps included, this resource is your key to ensuring that your next photoshoot is a resounding success, helping you capture your brand's essence in every frame.

Stop struggling with DIY photography and start experiencing the power of visual storytelling to take your business to new heights

This membership is perfect for you if...

You have a solid marketing plan, but your visuals don’t match the direction of your business

“Good enough” isn’t working for your business anymore, and you know someone else can do it better.

You’re planning a massive launch this year but don’t have the ideal photos or videos you need to promote it

It is taking too much of your time to create consistent content and you’re not getting the professional, polished look you want

It’s time to kick your marketing up a notch! You’re tired of using outdated images and selfies with inconsistent lighting and editing styles.

You're ready to raise your prices, but your current images don't reflect your new rates.


“My engagement skyrockets every time I start sharing new photos.”

I am SO glad I joined The Creatively Quarterly. Just when I'm starting to feel uninspired about creating content, our quarterly shoot comes along and my confidence and attitude toward marketing my business does a total 180. Honestly the consistency of the membership has been a game changer.

— Natalie

" I ended up with a portfolio of photos that express my mission better than I ever could have alone."

From the time I discovered Bethany’s work, I knew she was the photographer for my business. Since I run a personal brand, it was critical to work with someone who excels at understanding people so that my message could be expressed properly. Not only did Bethany convey my vision properly, but she blew it out of the water. Our collaboration was a pleasure from beginning to end: she’s a clear and generous communicator, meticulous planner, and truly gifted artist. I can’t recommend Bethany enough. Run, do not walk, to hire her!

— Val

"My web designer wanted to send them to all her clients to show them how a photo shoot should look!"

I have the BEST photo shoots with Bethany! I needed photos for my new website and she delivered in a big way. Bethany is sweet and professional and totally gets the job done. I can't recommend her enough!

— nicole

hey there!

I'm Bethany, 

your brand photographer.

With over a decade of photography expertise, I've been the guiding lens behind countless business success stories. Now,I'm ready to channel my 12 years of experience into helping your business thrive and grow.

more about me 

You don't have to be an expert in everything when it comes to building a business.

Recognizing when to outsource tasks that are consuming too much of your precious time and energy can be a game-changer. By trusting me to take the photography reins for your business, you free up mental space and resources to focus on what truly matters – growing your brand. It's not just a savvy business move; it's a key to sustainable success.

You didn't embark on your entrepreneurial journey to be chained to your business 24/7. So, why continue piling those burdens onto your plate? It's time to let go of the never-ending worry about how your business is being represented visually. By joining Creative Quarterly, you can finally reclaim your time, regain your peace of mind, and refocus your energy on what truly matters. Say goodbye to the stress of managing it all, and allow me to ensure that your brand is always presented in its best light.

This membership is the only
one of its kind because...

it allows you to have photos for your business for an entire year

Creative Quarterly is not just a photography service; I'm your partner in making your brand look its best, ensuring you have a steady stream of eye-catching content to captivate your audience and help your business thrive.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, I've honed I will be your trusted ally in capturing the very best images for your brand. I understand that it's not just about taking pictures; it's about telling your unique story through visuals. With Creative Quarterly by your side, you can trust that your business will not only thrive but also make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Branding photography is a luxury that your business deserves

if you're committed to building a brand that your customers recognize, trust, and love to support. In a world that is full of photos and videos everyday, investing in professional brand photography is an essential step toward setting yourself apart from the crowd. These images are not just pictures; they're the representatives of your brand, conveying your values and personality. They evoke emotion and have the power to create a memorable experience for your audience.

By embracing the luxury of brand photography, you're not just elevating your images; you're creating a deeper connection with your customers, ensuring that your brand becomes an integral part of their lives. It's an investment that pays dividends in loyalty, recognition, and the enduring success of your business.

This membership includes everything you need to elevate your business

This year-long membership is for DFW-based entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to create consistent and compelling marketing and brand photos and videos with a professional photographer. 

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

high quality photos to help you market your business

saving time by outsourcing things to a professional

Attracting your dream clients 

Building a dream team that will ensure you're continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability

Feeling more balanced, and rested since you are no longer stressing about content for your business


This is for you if:

You're using the same 15 photos or stock photos in all of your marketing materials

You are a small business owner trying to set themselves apart from their COMPETITION

You want to raise your prices without raising your workload

you like diying your own brand photography

you are not located in DFW OR NYC

It's probably not for you if...

YOU ARE LOOKing for a full production team at every photoshoot

Select the membership that works for your business:


$975/per quarter

$3,900/per year

$1,000 in savings!***


Small Business

$1,300/per quarter

$5,200/per year

$2,000 in savings!***


1 individual

2-9 individuals


10+ individuals

inquire for a custom quote

Not only did Bethany convey my vision properly, she blew it out of the water.

—  Val B.

I’ve also loved seeing our amazing clients use our images on national platforms like these:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book a TWO-HOUR session each quarter?

No, you can use your 8 hours however you'd like. You can do two 4-hour sessions or even one 8-hour session.

What if I need to reschedule my session?

No problem, things happen you will get first access to whatever is available on my calendar.

Do you have hair and makeup recommendations?

Yes, I do! Once you book, I'll send along some information.

Is there any travel cost?

Included is within the DFW area. If you wanted to shoot outside of DFW it would depend on how far with the range being an additional $100-200.

Do you just offer this for Dallas residents? 

Creative Quarterly is offered in both DFW and NYC. We currently have one NYC Creative Quarterly member and have a couple more spots available for NYC.

How soon should I book my sessions each quarter?

It's totally up to you, but most clients book 2-3 months in advance to make sure they get the date they want.

Still on
the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's hop on a call to talk through any questions you have about the membership and all of it's perks.

let's chat