Creative Quarterly

We all know that images of our face, and photos showing our customers what we do behind the scenes perform the best on all platforms.

With all the platforms telling us we need to post more consistently, it’s hard to keep up with the content demand all our small businesses have. You pull up your social media scheduler or open up Canva, and you’re stuck using the same 13 images you used last year.

The worst part?

The photos are all from different sources, with inconsistent light and editing styles. Your brand is inconsistent, creating a lack of trust between you and your potential clients. You’re at a point in your business where what’s “good enough” isn’t working for you anymore. Your time is too valuable to DIY your photo and video content.

The Creative Quarterly Membership

Finding content for your business will be one less thing you have to worry about. You will have so many images to choose from, and your customers will be blown away by how much you’re showing up for them.


Membership Prices

(1 Individual)

$1,000 in savings per year*

Small Business
(2-9 People)

$1,500 in savings per year*

(10+ People)
Custom Quote

Additional Services: Behind the scenes (time lapse, photo, and video): $100 per session

What is The Creative Quarterly Membership?

Imagine having a content creator at your fingertips for the entire year!

This membership is for DFW-based entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for consistent brand photos and videos. You will gain access to VIP scheduling, exclusive perks, and I will help you plan and style each session.

I help my clients brainstorm content ideas, and then we collaborate on the perfect plan to execute the vision. I’m here to bring consistency, growth, and accountability to your business.

Brands We've Worked With

I’ve also loved seeing our amazing clients use our images on national platforms like these:

I’ve also loved seeing our amazing clients use our images on national platforms like these:

Marketing your business can be just a little bit easier this year.

I help you plan and prep by...

  1. Guiding you on what to wear, what types of photographs to focus on, and providing a detailed shots and props lists.
  2. Establishing precisely who you're trying to connect with and your brand style and aesthetic with a customized branding guide I've used with hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  3. Showing you how to avoid mistakes to save time and money.

I help you plan and prep by...

  • You're planning content for multiple streams of income, and you're tired of your content feeling stale.
  • You're a creative small business owner who spends too much time creating content, knowing that someone else can do it better.
  • You have a solid marketing plan, but your visuals aren't matching the direction you want to go, and something feels off.
  • You're planning a massive launch this year, and you just realized you don't have any photos and videos to promote it.
  • You're tired of buying iPhone presets and tweaking phone images to resemble professional photos.
  • You have images from a few different photographers, they're all so different, and you didn't love the photos in the first place, which is why you never hired them again.
Creative Quarterly

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ashley Heyburn


One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was having Bethany photograph it. She listened to our vision, of capturing the feeling of the day, and nailed the execution.

Caitlin C.


The photos turned out better than I could have imagined. I seriously can't say enough good things about her and her work!

Amy G.


My goal was one good photo of all of us so I could get my Christmas cards ordered, pat myself on the back, and pour a glass of wine. Then Bethany blew my expectations out of the Hudson River.

Randi H


Bethany was so patient + waited for our 6-month old to wake up on her own so the photos would feel comfortable. Nothing felt forced + the entire afternoon flowed effortlessly, it was magical!

Emily Okey


She made us feel natural in front of the camera and captured moments we had missed. We will cherish these photographs forever.

Linda A.


Bethany has documented my kids for years, through beautiful details to infusing play + adventure in her shoots. No one else has been able to do what she has. She’s the best family photographer in North Texas to New York.

Jeff P.


Our family photos are so precious to us because Bethany caught the unique personalities of each of our children. We are amazed by the way she is able to use images to tell a story about people as they truly are, and are thankful that she was able to do that for our family.

Lindy Amos

Branding Photography

Bethany Michaela Studio captures the magic and the moments that matter with the unique gift of being able to turn even a half-baked brand narrative into a clear visual identity!

Tracy Tran


Bethany was laser-focused on telling our story through our photographs and worked with our budget. She captured candids perfectly so we could enjoy the moments we missed during our busy day. Her work is natural & organic.

Clara Cotton


She was there with me, advocating for me, and helping me feel calm! The photos that resulted are beyond beautiful. I will treasure them forever!

Lauren Sperber


Organized and dedicated, Bethany made sure we got everything we wanted.

Lisa Boral


Bethany is kind and calming, smoothly handling every moment, even calming the stressful ones.

Camille Feliz


Bethany is highly skilled at following her intuition on when to engage with guests, and when to step back and allow everything to just be, she demonstrated this balance all weekend beautifully.

Faiz Osman


Something to consider for couples with different skin tones, she knows how to make you both look great! It's not about an "arty" shot; it's about the reason you're gathered together.

Ashley P.


Bethany let us be ourselves: silly to serious! There was not a single bad photo + most importantly, we had a blast! I cannot recommend Bethany enough

Johnna Yates


Bethany is a joy to work with. She was always looking out for ways to capture the range of relationships and emotions throughout the day.

John Williams


She's professional, communicative, open, warm, and she made us feel so comfortable.


Branding Photography Branding Videography

From beginning to end, our collaboration was a pleasure: they’re clear and generous communicators, meticulous planners, and truly gifted artists.

Emily Reid


Bethany inconspicuously captured the happiest and most spontaneous moments during the evening. She's wonderful - professional, personable & kind.

Membership Includes:

  • Branding questionnaire at the start of the membership
  • Ongoing consultation for planning and execution throughout the year via Slack
  • $1,000+ in annual savings compared to my standard pricing
  • Quarterly 2-hour photoshoot
  • Up to 4 outfit changes per session
  • 85+ edited images delivered via an online gallery per photoshoot in 2-3 weeks
  • Option for receiving RAW images if you’d like to edit the photos with your style
  • High-resolution JPG images with download permissions
  • Usage rights to include: social media, website, PR, and digital marketing
  • List of preferred hair and makeup vendors
  • Option to rollover hours for two of the four quarters
  • Choose from our top 5 amazing locations (ask for list), including our home studio, or anywhere within a 20-minute driving radius from downtown Dallas
  • Exclusive access to popular shooting dates
  • 20% off other services, products or additional shooting time
  • One bonus hour for the year if you pay in full at the signing of the contract