Crafting a seamless and customized experience for couples and capturing each unique love story with effortless elegance. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is wedding photography important? 

Your photos (and maybe your dress) are the only things from your wedding that will outlive you. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is imagining my images being shown lovingly to future generations.

The photographer is the only vendor that spends the entire day with you, so it’s crucial that you hire someone who has the same vision as you and your partner. Whether that’s me or someone else, please find someone that makes you feel comfortable and understood. 

What kind of weddings do you photograph? 

I love photographing all kinds of weddings but have a special place in my heart for small, intimate ceremonies. If you plan to have 100+ guests at your wedding, I recommend adding on a second shooter to your package so you can have photos of all your friends and family.

How would you define your style?

While my style is continually evolving, three recurring elements emerge throughout my body of work: artfulness, joyfulness, and vibrant color.

Moments can unfold naturally, and I capture them honestly as they happen. I also believe that much of a photographer’s success depends on real interactions with clients. The more comfortable you feel around me, the more natural your photographs will be! 

Can we provide you with a shot list? 

Other than a list of the posed photos of your favorite people, I do not accept a list of photos or Pinterest boards. Each wedding is different, and I never want to compare or try to emulate two separate weddings. 

For a wedding do you recommend that the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony?

First looks are great, but I’m more concerned about what’s right for the couple. If you feel compelled to wait to see the love of your life, no big deal—there are other options. 

I’m awkward/uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you help me with that?

Well, you’re in luck! One of the most significant parts of my job is to help you feel comfortable! Consider your time with me as a visual counseling session. 

And I love easing people into the creative process, whether that’s grabbing a cocktail beforehand or taking photos at your favorite places. Let’s make magic together!

How does the album design process work?

I will have you select your favorite images through the Pic-Time platform, and then I will design the first draft of your album. You will have the chance to make one round of edits; any additional edits come at an additional cost.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Without fail, I get a little teary-eyed during speeches. I love hearing the stories of your past and learning about what makes you unique as a couple.


What is your pricing? 

My Elopement Packages start at $900 for City Hall weddings only, and my base Full Day Wedding Packages start at $4,200 for 6 hours of coverage.

How far do you travel? Does it cost extra?

Although I mainly shoot on the east and west coast, I’ve flown all over the world to photograph weddings: Scotland, LA, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Dominican Republic, New Hampshire, Missouri, Connecticut, Portland… I also photograph couples who decide that NYC is the perfect backdrop for their love, some of these countries include Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Guatemala, Spain, New Orleans, and Paris. 

The best part? My pricing includes all domestic travel costs.

How do we book you?

You can always book over email, but most clients set up a phone call, Zoom, or FaceTime meeting with me before they seal the deal. During the meeting, you can pour a glass of wine, sit back, and I’ll take you through my process and help answer any questions you two might have.

Once you give me the go-ahead, I’ll send you an electronic contract via Adobe Echosign and a Quickbooks invoice.

Weddings: I require a signed contract and a $1,500 deposit at the time of booking to reserve your date. The remaining amount is due one week before the wedding.

Elopements: I require a signed contract and a 50% deposit is required. The remaining amount is due a week before your elopement.

How soon do we get our images?

I will get the gallery to you in less than three weeks. Any longer than that, feel free to knock down my door.

How are my photos delivered? 

You will receive a personal URL and the ability to share, print, and download all your images.

You have the right to print as many images as you like. If you want to print them for commercial use, please contact me to discuss pricing.


What is your cancellation policy? 

I know things happen and plans change. If you choose to cancel, however, I will keep your deposit.

Do you come to the rehearsal? 

Yes, we offer additional hours and coverage for rehearsals and any other pre/post-wedding festivities.


Do you hire a second photographer? 

A second shooter, assistant, or both are available upon request. We recommend hiring a second shooter for 85+ weddings and an assistant for 150-200+ weddings.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do!


What kind of gear do you have? 

I wholeheartedly believe that the caliber of a photographer has nothing to do with their gear. But if you care about this stuff, the full comprehensive list of what’s in my bag (and even what bags I use) can be found here.


How many weddings/sessions do you shoot a year? How long have you been in business? 

I shoot around 25 weddings a year, and I’ve been in business for eleven years.


My cousin/uncle/brother is a really good photographer, can they bring their fancy camera and follow you around? 


Family members are welcome to take photographs throughout the wedding day, but the moment they become a distraction and get in every one of your wedding photographs, I will have to insist that they back up. I like to create a calm environment, and that isn’t very easy when there are too many people running around snapping flashes in your eyeballs.


What if you are deathly sick or even die? 

Life happens.

If your wedding has already happened, and you need your images, my husband has access to my calendar, email, and hard drives. 

If your wedding hasn’t happened yet, my husband will send you a list of my favorite photographers who have a similar style. You would get a full refund and book with another photographer.