Dallas Brand Photographer | Ashley Waychoff

Ashley Waychoff is an entrepreneur and accountant for small business owners. In 2018 she launched her business, Pretty Penny LLC, determined to make finances for entrepreneurs easier to understand with her support. Ashley came to me in need of new branding photos that would allow her to restructure her website.

Brand Photography Prep

After our initial Zoom consultation call, we discussed what would happen during the brand photoshoot to put her mind at ease since this was her first professional photo shoot. Once we discussed the types of shots she needed, she booked a 3-hour brand shoot. We shot in my home studio, Studio 918, surrounded by mid-century windows and natural light.

Home Studio Brand Photography

Ashley came prepared for the brand shoot with multiple clothing options that went beautifully with her hair. Despite it being her first professional photo shoot, you would never be able to tell when looking at all the gorgeous shots we were able to get!

I absolutely love Ashley and am 1,000% behind everything she does for entrepreneurs and their finances. I can’t wait to work with her again!