Dallas Branding Photography | Good Coworking

Hiring a Brand Photographer

When Good Coworking came to me about a branding photoshoot to update their employee headshots and website photos, I was excited to start! For the employee headshots, we wanted to capture their personality in a way that would make them comfortable. I also wanted to show off their space and coworking community. It was important for me to convey how Good Coworking is more than just a place to work but rather a community of entrepreneurs who are there to support one another.

About Good Coworking

Good Coworking is looking to provide entrepreneurs in Dallas with a space to run their businesses while connecting with other business owners. Coworking is an industry that has seen incredible growth in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Good Coworking differs from other coworking spaces as they prioritize the health & wellbeing of their tenants. They are offering wellness classes as well as outdoor spaces for working.

Preparing for your Branding Session

Good Coworking came prepared for their brand session with a list of shots they were looking for during their session. They booked a four-hour session that allowed us to get a variety of headshots for the employees, as well as shots of the employees posed in ways that showed the coworking spaces in use and all of the possibilities their facility has to offer. I finished the session by capturing the building and its glory, from the colorful greenery surrounding the outside space to the fun nooks available for entrepreneurs to do business. The best part of the session was seeing how happy and proud the employees were working at Good Coworking. The team was a joy to work with, which made for an abundance of photos for their website. I always enjoy helping creatives work hard to provide a safe space for other entrepreneurs like myself!