Our Dallas, Texas Indian Wedding | Part Two

interracial Indian couple putting heads together

The Indian Wedding Details

Tarun and I celebrated a traditional South Indian wedding at the Hackberry Creek Country Club in Dallas, Texas, where Tarun’s parents live. Sidney, our photographer at the Rockaway wedding, came to take photos of our celebration.

Instead of having a 3-day event, we shortened the proceedings to a 6-hour ceremony. Tarun had an early morning Rite of Passage ceremony with his father, and I got to have a morning full of doting aunties fussing over makeup and my ornate wedding gown. Tarun’s morning ceremony was a symbolic gesture of his father passing down his wisdom to his son. He described at as surprisingly poignant and touching. Even though the ceremony was done entirely in Sanskrit, there was so much beauty to the intention of everything.

My wedding sari was a vibrant red and gold, the traditional colors of a South Indian wedding. We loved that our respective families from the midwest, Texas, and abroad all got to meet and get to know each other. We’re so honored that over 100 people came from all over the world to celebrate our marriage.

For food, we opted to have North Indian cuisine with some non-vegetarian options, which would have been a no-no for South Indian weddings. Tarun’s sister got some of her friends to perform Bhangra for the crowd during the reception.

After the Indian wedding reception, our guests got to stay at the stylish NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas. We sneaked away and had our photographer take post-ceremony photos in an open sunflower field. We then joined our family and made merry with those who remained after the long event.

Lodging: NYLO Hotel

Ceremony: Hackberry Creek Country Club

Photography: Sidney Morgan

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