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Nine Rainy Day NYC Engagement photo ideas

Think clear skies and perfect light are the only formulae for an ideal engagement session? Think again. I am a firm believer that obstructions breed creativity, and here are nine examples of rainy engagement photos to prove it. 

rainy day bethesda fountain engagement

I can tell you from experience that you never quite know what you’re going to get, and I don’t recommend checking on the weather until the night before your engagement session. I understand that bad weather doesn’t necessarily fit in with people’s ideas of engagement pictures. If there isn’t time to reschedule your session, I don’t want you to worry because rain can be a great addition to my engagement photographs. 

My cameras are water-resistant, and after living in New York for eight years, I’ve shot countless sessions in the rain. Regardless of the weather, remember that you will be with the person you love, and I promise it will be a fun adventure! But you ask, what do I do if it rains or there’s a blizzard? You’ve got options, and I’d love to share my expertise! Finding a public space that’s indoors in New York City is a bit tricky, but it can be done. Here are a few spots to consider in New York City when the weather isn’t cooperating during your engagement session. 

Here are my top nine ways to beat the rain for your New York City engagement session:


1. Your home

Often, in photography, there is a lot of emphasis on finding the right location, but sometimes the best location is the place you feel most comfortable. I love having the character and vibes of the couple show up effortlessly in each photograph.

2. Your Workspace

I’ve loved photographing clients in NYC coworking and office spaces on a rainy day. There are so many well-designed and curated offices like this engagement session in Etsy.

engaged in etsy
engagement photos at etsy
etsy engagement photos

3. Bethesda Terrace 

One major perk of rainy days? Parks tend to be much less crowded. You will have to walk outside to get here (pending the time of day a cab may be able to drop you off quite close), but once under the Bethesda Terrace, you’re good to go. The ambiance here is very romantic, and sometimes a serendipitous opera singer or violinist might end up being the soundtrack to your session.

4. The Highline

Close to The Standard Hotel, there is a section that’s protected from the rain. There are also several beautiful buildings in the neighboring meatpacking district that have large overhangs where photos can be taken outside but still out of the rain. 

high line engagement photos

5. The New York Public Library

Outside: This is one of my favorite go-to spots. There are two stunning covered archways, and they are open to lovely natural light. 

Engaged couple at NYPL
rainy day NYPL engagement session

Inside: The inside of the New York Public Library is stunning, but it’s also just a whole lot of white marble and is crowded. The light is better on the outside, and they tend to be very strict about having no professional photos taken indoors, so I don’t recommend this as an option for my clients. Also, if you have a white dress on you most likely will be turned away.

6. Museums

The Museum of Natural HistoryThe Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe MoMa, and others are all fantastic spaces for engagement sessions on a rainy day. Some museums are more chill than others, but either way, it’s important to be lowkey, quick, and speedy. Just like the New York Public Library, they are cautious towards people wearing white dresses or fancy suits.

museum engagement session
MET engagement session
MET engagement session
Guggenheim museum engagement session
nyc museum engagement session

7. Rent Space

Peer SpaceAirbnb, and Breather are all fantastic options for renting for an hour or two. Let us know if you want help finding one that is best for lighting.

indoor engagement session
engagement session indoors

8. The Subway

This option is a little less popular, but I love photographing underground. It’s a great option if it’s too cold or rainy. It’s even fun to use the subway to get around instead of a taxi!

couple kissing on nyc subway
subway engagement photos

9. Rock the Umbrella

If you don’t have an umbrella that you love, I own a sizable clear umbrella that I’d be happy to bring. And of course, don’t ever be afraid to rock some cute rain boots.

I am always up for an adventure and love photographing in the rain! Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know if you have any questions!

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One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was having Bethany photograph it. She listened to our vision, of capturing the feeling of the day, and nailed the execution.

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Something to consider for couples with different skin tones, she knows how to make you both look great! It's not about an "arty" shot; it's about the reason you're gathered together.

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Bethany is a joy to work with. She was always looking out for ways to capture the range of relationships and emotions throughout the day.

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