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Dene Summerhouse Central Park Wedding Photographer | Anna and Justin

When you think of a New York wedding, Central Park and its iconic Dene Summerhouse are one of the first places that come to mind. Our associate Sidney had the incredible opportunity to capture an intimate wedding in this beautiful setting. From the bride’s stunning dress to the groom’s dashing suit and the gorgeous backdrop of Central Park, this wedding was simply breathtaking. Read on to see all the special moments Sidney was able to capture of Ana and Justin.

The Ceremony

The Dene Summerhouse, a quaint and rustic gazebo topped with lush ivy, is located in the heart of Central Park, also known as ‘The Treehouse for Dreaming,’ this secluded spot offers bench seating for guests and is an ideal place to host an intimate wedding. Sidney was the photographer for this Central Park wedding, providing stunning photographs to capture the special moments of this New York wedding. The photos capture the couple’s joy and the park’s beauty, making it a perfect reminder of their special day.

The Bride and Groom

Ana and Justin were perfect for an intimate wedding at Central Park’s Dene Summerhouse. Ana wore a form-fitting dress that was perfect in the green gardens of Central Park. Her red hair was half up with loose curls around her shoulders with a floral hairpiece. It was the perfect bridal look for their romantic day. Justin wore a dark grey suit with a green bow tie that complimented the outdoor wedding. It was the perfect look for the couple who wanted to keep their wedding simple and romantic. Bethany Michaela Studio was so lucky to be their New York wedding photography team, capturing all of the stunning details of their day in amazing photographs that they will treasure forever.

The Guests

The bride and groom’s closest family and friends attended their intimate wedding at Central Park’s Dene Summerhouse. The guests were dressed in the couples’ wedding colors of yellow, orange, and green, which made for a beautiful visual during the ceremony. The atmosphere was joyful and celebratory as the couple shared their special day with those closest to them.

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