NYC Branding Photographer | Heather

Heather Hansen is a trial attorney that took her twenty years of experience in the courtroom and turned it into her own business. Now coaching others to advocate for themselves has been a best-selling book; in addition to being a keynote speaker, it has been a privilege to work with such a powerful woman as herself! Since we have been shooting together in New York for a while, we have it down to an art. I love that I get to be her NYC Brand Photographer

Whenever we get together, we can capture a variety of looks and locations since Heather is used to being in front of my camera. The benefit of working with a photographer over the years is consistency with your personal branding. So any time we update her headshots, they fit seamlessly into her current website, and she can stay consistent in her marketing efforts while putting out fresh photos of herself. 
I highly recommend my entrepreneurs and business owners get updated pictures taken yearly. Still, a quarterly photoshoot would be your best option for various content if you try to put out a ton of content daily.

Taking professional pictures every quarter allows you not to worry about capturing your content and enables you to get various looks in for you to use throughout the month. Batch shooting will save you time, which is essentially saving you money! If you want to start taking your marketing seriously in 2023, sign up for my Creative Quarterly membership and let me capture your content for the year!