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NYC Personal Branding Photos | Mélissa Smith

About Mélissa

I don’t like to play favorites, but I can’t tell you how much fun I had capturing Mélissa in her element during this Brooklyn Branding shoot. I’ve known Mélissa for ten years, and she’s a true New Yorker who wears many hats. She’s an author, performer, theater artist, teaching artist, filmmaker, and choreographer.

Her career has had some considerable changes in the past few years. She wrote a children’s book, wrote and starred in The Magicians Assistant, and was recently named NYC Women’s Fund recipient—to name a few. It had been a while since she had updated her images, so she knew it was time to invest, and I’m so honored she chose me.

Planning for Personal Branding Photos

We hopped on a call to discuss her goals, target audience, and what she would use the images for. I talked through creating a shot list, and she put together a great list, and we were able to capture everything she needed in two hours.

She needed images that resonated with her artsy audience but also photos that spoke to the children and children at heart. Also, her new pup, Candy Girl, had to participate in the shoot! Once I knew her vision, I knew I needed to buy some things to spice up her branding images. So I bought a bunch of colored cellophane and a prism, and I’m so happy with how things came out. 

Brand Photos vs. Headshots

There’s still a misconception that brand photography is supposed to be buttoned up and serious. But if there’s anything that working with creative clients has taught me, brand images should be bursting with personality! I’m so thankful to Mélissa for allowing me to be the one to capture her in her element.

Meet Bethany

Photographer, mother, educator, inspired by impromptu dance parties, good light, and you.

As an award-winning female photographer, I specialize in capturing moments of joy and love through timeless imagery and storytelling. With an eye for detail and a passion for creating magical memories, I'm dedicated to providing luxury and unique experiences to my couples.

My first memories are of my grandfather's camera - I have a deep-rooted curiosity and love for photography that has carried me through life and a decade into a career I am proud of. Everyone has a unique story to tell and deserves to be celebrated.

I take the time to design my shoots based on your unique love story, creating a photographic style and direction just for you. Whether it be to celebrate your engagement, wedding, or documenting your love journey, I will create memories that perfectly reflect your love in a way that is only yours.