Park Slope Family Photographer | The Gebels

The Gebels are a family of four who recently welcomed a new addition – a beautiful newborn baby boy. Excited to capture precious moments with their growing family, they contacted me for a family photography session in their Park Slope home in Brooklyn, New York City.

I arrived at their cozy home, ready to capture candid moments of their two boys together. The family was all smiles as they welcomed us inside, and I immediately got to work setting up our equipment and scouting out some good locations for photos.

The Family Session Locaiton

We started in the living room, capturing intimate moments of the family snuggling together on the couch. The baby was waking up from a nap, while the toddler was full of energy and kept us on our toes with his adorable antics. It was clear that this family was overflowing with love and joy, and I was honored to be there to capture it all.

After getting some great shots inside, we headed outside to the Gebels’ brownstone steps to snap some classic Park Slope family portraits. The family coordinated their outfits beautifully, with the baby in a cozy onesie and the toddler in a groovy blue tie-dye tee.

Second Location for Family Session

Next, we ventured to a local park to get some shots of the family in nature. Next, we headed towards Grant Gore Park, sure to avoid the bustling New York traffic. The toddler had a blast being outside, especially now that he had warmed up to the camera, while the baby was content snuggled up in his parent’s arms.

Taking pictures of the two boys was a highlight of the session – their sibling bond was undeniable, and capturing their sweet moments together was heartwarming. The toddler was a good big brother, doting on his little sibling and showering him affectionately. It was clear that these boys would grow up with a strong bond, and it was an honor to document the early stages of their relationship.

Overall, The Gebels family photography session was a joy to participate in. The family was warm, welcoming, and fun to work with. Sessions like these make me grateful to be a photographer, as I capture precious moments that families will cherish for a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful family!