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Nine NYC Locations if it Rains on your Wedding Day

Is anyone else singing that Alanis Morisset song in their head? Whether you’re planning an elopement or a 250-person wedding in New York City with venue staff, you need a backup plan in case it rains on your wedding day. Think clear skies and perfect light are the only formulae for a perfect wedding day? Think again. Here is a couple who took full advantage of a snowy day in New York.

I understand that bad weather doesn’t necessarily fit in with people’s ideas of engagement pictures. If there isn’t time to reschedule your session, I don’t want you to worry; rain can be a great addition to your photographs.

My cameras are water-resistant, and after living in New York for eight years, I’ve shot countless sessions in the rain. Regardless of the weather, remember that you are marrying the person of your dreams, and it will be the best day no matter what. Regardless of the weather, remember that you will be with the person you love, and I promise it will be a fun adventure! Also, you’ve got options, and I’d love to share my expertise!

Here are my top 9 ways to beat the rain on your NYC wedding day:

1. Your Hotel

This is the most convenient option when it rains. Many hotels in New York City are designed so beautifully, and if you stay there, the chances of me shooting portraits in the space are very high.

2. New York Public Library

Outside: This is definitely one of my favorite go-to spots. There are two stunning covered archways, and they are open to lovely natural light. It’s the perfect nook for a small ceremony and is also great for portraits or family photos on a rainy wedding day.

Inside: No weddings are allowed inside the New York Public Library unless you have a permit.

3. Bethesda Terrace

One major positive when it rains on your wedding day is that the park has fewer tourists. I can jump in a cab and get as close to the terrace as possible. From there you will have to walk with an umbrella to get underneath the arches. There’s plenty of room for guests.

4. Ladies Pavilion

I can jump in a cab and get as close to the pavilion as possible. From there you will have to walk with an umbrella to get underneath Ladies Pavilion. It’s small, but if it’s just you, and officiant, and a couple of friends, you can definitely make this spot work.

5. The Subway

This option is a little less popular, but I absolutely love photographing underground. It’s a great option if it’s too cold or rainy on your wedding session. It’s even fun to use the subway to get to reception instead of a taxi!

6. Rented Space

Peer Space, Airbnb, and Breather are all fantastic options for renting space for a day or an hour or two. Let me know if you want help finding one that is best for lighting and location!

7. Top of the Rock

Inside: This is a great location and is easy to clear out, it isn’t iconic New York, but it’s a nice clean background and space. Top of the Rock is perfect for a quick ceremony and family portraits.

Outside: The views won’t be super clear on a rainy or snowy day, but you can always run out with an umbrella and get an image that has a snow globe effect.

8. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal isn’t my favorite location, which is why it’s last on my list. It’s usually very crowded and the light isn’t great, but it’s indoors and heated and can be beautiful if done right. If you want this as an option, try to avoid rush hour.

9. Embrace the Umbrella!

I saved the best for last if you don’t mind getting a little wet and having an adventure, I’m ready to capture it. Don’t forget to bring cute rain boots!

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